Hello World Outside of Instagram!

Welcome to the place where my photos and captions disappeared off to when they didn’t make it to Instagram. Creative writing has been my passion since the 6th grade when we had to write an actual freaking book—the main character being me in the form of a rock traveling through ancient Europe and molding to survive. Kinda like my current situation. 😉 Aside from the fact that my teachers were tough graders, the entire process was exciting from coming up with the stories to creating the art and to finally binding the book together.

Photo by Melanie Rains

I take the smallest things into consideration such as the fact that my energy was directed towards starting this project on September 1, 2017. By being the ninth month of the year, September is believed to be the time when we start to focus on new goals and challenges. My grandpa always tells me that there’s newfound spirit that springs upon us in September, so at any rate, I’m excited to create a vision of my own daydreams and reality!

Thanks for visiting.

All photographs are by me unless otherwise stated. 

Xo, Nan

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