Healthy Habits To Start In 2018

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Fresh year. Fresh month. Fresh start.

Happy February, my readers! ♡ I wanted to write this post right when the year started, but of course life got in the way and I can’t even be mad at it. It’s been a great month of writing my visualizations down on paper and acting on making them happen. We can all talk the talk, but staying consistent and following through is the harder part that’s been a mission of mine to keep up with. So I’m glad I’m naturally writing this after a month of TRYING MY BEST to maintain healthier habits this year.

  • Up my vitamin intake. Vitamin D3, Magnesium, and Vitamin B-12. When you’re in a building for 45 hours a week and don’t receive natural sunlight, the Vitamin D comes in handy for sure. Magnesium has so many benefits, but I take it for the times that I may not consume sufficient amounts through my diet. VITAMIN B-12 THOUGH. Cyanocobalamin. My best friend. Through thick and thin. No, but it’s the number 1 vitamin for me and it has been for yearssss. I used to get it injected, but I’ve been taking the liquid drops and I can’t complain. It helps me sleep better, it gives me energy throughout the day to the point where I forget what a yawn even is, and it helps balance my diet in case I don’t eat a lot of meat during the week. I bought them all from Whole Foods — the 365 brand.
  • Walk more during breaks. Necessary for all my 8-5ers. Extra necessary for 8-5ers who also sit in traffic. My schedule doesn’t allow for too much movement, so any time I get a break I make sure to walk. Even if its walks to my car LOL. I’ll never take a lunch break inside of the office unless we’re just completely backed up which hasn’t happened yet (thank God).
  • Make H2O a priority. I plan my hydration based on my schedule. One water bottle before lunch, a second water bottle before work’s over, and the third water bottle before bed. It may not add up to the recommended consumption amount, but its definitely more than I’ve ever consistently drank. I remind myself that my only competition is my past self, and it makes me feel better somehow.
  • Eye cream. Pushing 25!!! I’ve been feeling guilty even applying concealer lately because I’m concerned about crows feet. My obsessions getting out of hand, but I’m taming my thoughts by wearing eye cream. The one I’ve been using by default (because my mom’s always fully stocked on it) is the Lancôme one. Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Eye for $75. I’m open to hearing suggestions for other favorites, though!
  • Less coffee & more tea. We’ve all heard of the fact that the more coffee you drink, the double the hydration you need. Heck I don’t even know how I’m supposed to fully let go of espresso shots (hint: I can’t), but simply telling myself I can still have SOME coffee is good enough. I started incorporating more tea into my morning routine while I was in Armenia last year, and it’s stuck ever since. Doing it everyday isn’t a norm for me just yet and I don’t know if it’ll ever be, but I’m trying.
  • Less mindless scrolling on phone & more reading. If I was to allow myself to be on my phone aka doing nothing, I wouldn’t get any work done. So if ever I notice myself scrolling on Instagram and not even liking anything, I’ll log off for the rest of the day (until I get a dm of a meme lol). It’s also a goal of mine to read theSkimm consistently every morning to stay in the loop. It’s a newsource that delivers today’s news in our cultural lingo. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’m a Skimbassador as of last year 😉
  • Work out after work. Thanya, my bestie of 10 years, is in on this one with me! How crazy is it that we both ended up working in DTLA? 2018’s been aligning all sorts of stars. So we’ve been following Kayla Itsines workout plan a couple times a week, and so far so good. We’re not following her meal plan, but trying to add more protein to our diets. It’s honestly been kinda harder for me, diet-wise, because some days I’ll have absolutely no appetite, and other days I’ll eat 3 sandwiches before 1pm. Ya win some, ya lose some, but I definitely don’t wanna dread wearing a bikini when the time comes.
  • Floss every day & night. Okay I’m not barely starting this in 2018, but I’m definitely not going to sleep without flossing. Successful trips to the dentist are truly what I hope to uphold this year. I had one last week, and I was cavity free which is not something I take for granted. My dentist even tells me that if you’re ever too lazy to brush, AT LEAST floss to remove the gunk from in between your teeth.
  • Invest in skincare. Oxygen facials once a month, cleaning makeup brushes and sponges more often, moisturizing every morning and night. Plain and simple. Also something in my self-love kit is whitening my teeth every Sunday.
  • Be fully present. Appreciate every moment. Focus on positives. Less time to worry about the future when you’re living in the now.

What are some of the resolutions and habits you plan on incorporating into your every day routine? Maybe it’s something I could include, too! 

Xo, Nan

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