Coastal Wonders – ROSH HANIKRA, ACRE & HAIFA

Coast of the Mediterranean


Beautiful cities along the coast of the sea that connects so many countries… What’s not to love?! Okay the humidity was at an all time high on the days we visited these spots, so I guess there’s that. Rosh Hanikra near Nahariya (sounds like a wonderful little girl’s name), Acre and Haifa contained so much history. Acre’s history in terms of Napoleon Bonaparte is still apparent through “Napoleon’s Hill”. Haifa is another major city in Israel, and it’s sandy beaches are probably the softest I’ve ever felt — hah, as if I’ve felt so many different kinds.

As for the food, tables were set with appetizers and dips for days. I had to add tahini to practically everything; my replacement for ranch. Also another fire combo I love — hummus dip & tabouleh salad. Spending our days by the coast meant that we were ordering fish more often. Fried fish was my go-to with french fries. French fries for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only negative part about these long tabled lunches was that their duration was anywhere from 2-3 hours. There was no way we weren’t having coffee after all of that… & ice cream. 😉

Side note: don’t mind my Angelina Jolie Forehead Vein in the photo below. It enjoys surprising me when I least expect it.

Rosh Hanikra

Sea Reserve

Coast of the Mediterranean

Coast of the Mediterranean

Coast of the Mediterranean


Tel Akko in Hebrew Coast of Acre


Fried fish and french fries

Coast of Acre

Coast of Acre

Coast of Acre


Baha’i Gardens

Coast of Haifa

Coast of Haifa
Not pregnant just eatin good (& extra windy lol)

On our way to Beit Oren

Overlooking Haifa’s Beach

Coast of Haifa

Beit Oren

A kibbutz in Northern Israel

Israel, part 3.

So, just like that, my 3 weeks in Israel flew by. I was able to sight-see some of the many wonders of the world, relax at grandma’s house, learn from my aunts, and connect with my cousins — an experience I will adore for years to come. Airport security made it difficult for me to enjoy flying, but better safe than sorry! Until next time.

Xo, Nan


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