Left My ❤️ In San Francisco

The Golden City with my Golden Girls

This past weekend, I met my friends in San Francisco for a reunion. We’d all seen each other sporadically since we graduated, but we hadn’t spent an entire weekend of solely bonding. When I tell people that I’m so glad I joined a sisterhood my last 2 years of university, I mean it with all my heart. The connections we’ve made in the last couple of years have only gotten stronger. They’re sisters you’d be able to lean on when things get rough in all aspects – career, love, and just all around life. They’re also the girls who’ll celebrate the accomplishments without any hesitations because they’ve been on the journey with you. 

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Healthy Habits To Start In 2018

On a morning walk to Bottega Louie

Fresh year. Fresh month. Fresh start.

Happy February, my readers! ♡ I wanted to write this post right when the year started, but of course life got in the way and I can’t even be mad at it. It’s been a great month of writing my visualizations down on paper and acting on making them happen. We can all talk the talk, but staying consistent and following through is the harder part that’s been a mission of mine to keep up with. So I’m glad I’m naturally writing this after a month of TRYING MY BEST to maintain healthier habits this year.

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This Is Why Taking Time Off After College Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

The much-anticipated post college life—when you’re so often motivated to ride the waves of what society deems “the right way of doing things” that you don’t consider other options as realistic. You tend to weigh areas in your life on a scale of importance, but sometimes the weight in certain regions becomes a bit heavier than desired. The heavily weighted area for me was my expected future until I carried the load and started living it.

When does the load get heavier?
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11 Of The Best Coffee Shops For Students In San Diego

The most frequently asked question I would receive when I was a student at UCSD was, “I wanna go to a cutesy cafe to do some homework. Any suggestions?” (Word for word by Lalageh♡). My inner Yelper would come out and hit ’em with a minimum of 5 coffee shops. Shoutout to my Yelp Elite bestie, Linh ♡. Our Geisel Library was always too cold, and it was a sick trap. Hoodies and hats couldn’t even help us, so I began my quest for maintaining a high grade point average and well-being elsewhere.

Getting work done at Communal Coffee
Photo by Lindsey Marie Spieker

Ok, here it is. All of the coffee shops have free wifi and outlets. Keep in mind that their convenience makes them fairly attractive to the regular coffee drinker and hipster.

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Day In The Life // Yerevan, Armenia

Ever wondered what a regular working lifestyle is like in Yerevan? What after work activities could consist of? The past month has been quite a bit of a change for me, but it’s fueled my fire and kept me inspired. (Kinda rhymed, kinda cringeworthy). Anyway, the work we do as a team at Repat Armenia is aimed towards securing the future development of the country, so without further ado, take a look at my work day on October 4, 2017 that I somehow managed to condense into 3 minutes.

Coffee Story on Tumanyan St.


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